Orange Icons


True visionaries, the wines of Paolo Bea, Benjamin Zidarich and Josko Gravner reveal a scintillating look into the world of orange wine. Distinctive and deservedly iconic, these wines from three of our most notable producers make for a stunning addition to any collection. 

Bea Arboreus
Made from Trebbiano Spoletino grapes which are uniquely trained so that the fruit hangs high above the ground (hence the name of the wine). The soil is essentially clay and gravel. The wine is left in contact with the skins for up to three weeks or more and is then aged in stainless steel tanks for at least two years prior to bottling. The wine's palate is chiseled, markedly tannic (though well-balanced), and driven by resonant acidity, with the marzipan and apricot notes echoing strongly.

Zidarich Kamen
A wine from 100% Malvasia created to celebrate the Limestone nature of Vitovska and the connection from the vines to the cellar. Zidarich whole-heartedly believes in the profound effect of the irreplaceable limestone rock that gives birth to the singular expression of Vitovska. The “Kamen” is fermented and macerated for roughly 18 days in specially built stone vats made from the very rock that lies beneath his vineyards. After fermentation, the wine is moved to oak barrels for two years of aging. Broader on the palate, with a deeper mineral expression, this limited bottling truly expresses the deep mineral potential of Vitovska.

Gravner Ribolla
Exclusively composed of the local Ribolla grape; fermented in Georgian amphorae buried underground; long maceration with wild yeasts and no temperature control; after fermentation, the wine rests again in amphorae for five more months and then is aged in large oak barrels for an additional six years; bottled without fining or filtering. This wine is surprisingly elegant, striking a unique balance of boldness, intensity, and elegance. Flavors of orange, and quince paste followed by structured tannin and tea notes, an iconic bottling, and a wine that makes a statement to all who try it! 

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