Rosenthal Wine Merchant was there at the very outset of Domaine Prudhon, having purchased the very first vintage the family decided to estate-bottle rather than sell to négociants: 1983. We’ve seen the slow, careful passing of the torch to Henri’s grandsons Philippe and Vincent, who today run the domaine with great care and skill, and with a deep and profound respect for Burgundian tradition. Their vineyard holdings in Saint Aubin are significant and, as a result, working with virtually the entire range of their wines enables us to develop a profound understanding of the tantalizing terroir of Saint Aubin. Fresh vintages, more and more rare over the past decade, harken back to the days of old, with bright flavors and amazing minerality, which complements the cooler terroir of Saint Aubin, and Prudhon’s refinement and aplomb, with pure, clean fruit, crisply chiseled minerality, and an effortless sense of transparency to their underlying terroirs, make these wines scintillating and appealing. 

1er Cru 4-Pack

Experience four of Prudhon's 1er cru wines with this selection that includes Saint Aubin Blanc 1er Cru "Les Castets", Saint Aubin BLANC 1er Cru "Sentier du Clou", Saint Aubin Blanc 1er Cru “Les Perrieres”, Saint Aubin Blanc 1er Cru "Sur Gamay" from the 2019 vintage. 

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