Behold the results of Rosenthal Wine Merchant's first foray into the region of Emilia-Romagna. Working just 10 total hectares of vines, Gianluca Bergianti of Terrevive is committed to low cellar intervention and to the pre-Charmat-method for producing Lambrusco. The biodynamic wines from the Terrevive estate reveal shocking immediacy, intense personality and riveting acidity. 

A self-described “extremist,” Gianluca adds no yeasts, makes no adjustments for acidity, does not chaptalize, and never employs dosage, so his wines always end up scintillatingly bone-dry. He employs a low-tech method, adding grape must and nothing else to his dry wines as they’re being bottled for their secondary fermentation. Leftover natural yeasts devour the sugars in the must, creating a gentle natural effervescence in each bottle within about three months.

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