An offering to tempt the romantics (or Francophones) amongst you. Discover a trio of bottles chosen specifically to enhance a special meal – one excellent champagne, one brilliant red wine, and one sumptuous sweet wine. These wines are versatile enough to stand up to just about any meal, impressing even the most discerning of palates. Grab this offering and celebrate!

Champagne Roger Coulon Roselie Brut Rose NV 

This lovely Rosé Champagne is produced by a family with 8 generations as Récoltant-Manipulants (farmers who also make and bottle their own Champagnes; still a rarity). Grown from Grand Cru sites around Vrigny. 80% Pinot Meunier and 20% Pinot Noir, this wine has elegant flavors of red fruit while maintaining a delicate balance of minerals and mousse. A fine, enjoyable bottle to start off a meal or to celebrate any occasion.

Domaine Bitozet-Priuer Volnay 2018 

A committed classicist, Vincent Bitouzet has provided us with over thirty-years worth of structured, age-worthy, satisfying wines from the heart of the Cote de Beaune. This Pinot Noir shows a touch of spicy oak, followed by ripe and tart cherry fruit plus that hint of fresh, floral aromatics that let you know you are in Volnay. The palate itself is rich, with succulent red fruit balanced by the touch of tannin, again reinforcing the Volany terroir. Shows best with main dishes that feature fish or meats, and especially when paired with black truffle, such as those offered by our partners at Mad Rose Specialty Foods

Chateau La Rame Sainte-Croix-du-Mont “Tradition” 2019, 375ml 

Many amazing wines are made overlooking a river, and indeed, Chateau La Rame and its vineyards are no exception with views overlooking the Gironde directly across from the famous vineyards of Sauternes. 100% Semillon, this dessert wine is only produced in special vintages, aged in oak, and with 160 grams of residual sugar; it is a perfect wine for rich cheese platters, sweet tarts, and just as well on its own. Ripe stone fruits and vanilla waft out of the glass, the palate is rich and complex with sweet exotic fruit, vanilla, and citrus flowers followed by a fresh finish. 

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