$100.00 USD

Once in a while, Château de Chaintres releases to us a splash of older wines from their library—in this case, a handful of bottles from the epic 1989 vintage, still with their original corks. Winemaking in those days was different, to be sure: whereas vignerons today tend to aim for freshness and elegance, growers of that bygone era aimed for longevity and power, particularly in vintages as blessed as 1989. With longer macerations, much more punching down, and a far greater volume of press wine included in the final blend, wines like this have weathered the years astonishingly well—"built to last” indeed. The 1989 Chaintres today is a savory, umami-drenched testament to great Cabernet Franc’s ability to be cellared indefinitely, still displaying the chiseled elegance of its terroir despite its richness and age.

This wine is due in late July