$33.00 USD

Jean-Marie owns a significant portion of the 15-hectare limestone-and-marl grand cru of Engelberg, source of this profoundly chiseled Riesling (as well as Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer). It is brash on the nose, a bold gesture of mineral brinksmanship that dares one to flinch. In addition to this calcareous firepower, the nose offers crisp white cherries and a vivid green streak that evokes chlorophyll rather than underripeness. The palate is palpably dense, with cold-water-to-the-face acidity and a powerful impression of dry extract on the unrelenting finish. This wine most often carries almost no residual sugar and while a complex wine in youth, it is destined for cellaring, to marry its fruit and minerality together and reach full potential.