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La Bota #95 has a rather complex history: the historic amontillado soleras of Rainer Pérez Marín, which housed a wide array of amontillados of varying character from the early 1980s through the mid-2000s, were restructured in 2007, with the best-quality casks being completely refreshed with unfortified manzanilla pasada of a particularly fine caliber. It is from these 100 or so casks that the Equipo Navazos team selected a dozen for themselves in 2012; half the volume in these 12 barrels was bottled soon thereafter as La Bota #37, and the other half was returned to casks for additional aging into a full-on amontillado. After seven more years, the mind-bogglingly complex La Bota #95—with an average wine age of 25 years—was extracted and bottled, with no fining and virtually no filtration. Its shapeshifting palate slides between fresh notes of salty flor and deeper strata of dried aromatic herbs and burnt caramel, always carrying a phenomenal sense of equilibrium and overall drinkability. 18.5% alcohol; bottled November 2019