$79.00 USD

Equipo Navazos has a close relationship with the Pérez Barquero estate in Montilla-Moriles, and their patron Rafael Cordoba is renowned for the superb quality of the musts he obtains from the robust Pedro Ximénez variety for which this zone is known. This oloroso, La Bota #116, comes from the second pressing (the “color” pressing) of Pedro Ximénez picked at around 15% alcohol and fortified right away, and the solera from which it is sourced—"Solera Diogenes” in the Bodega El Puente at Pérez Barquero—contains wines averaging 35 years of age. Offering the spicy, broad punch of an oloroso of Pedro Ximénez, it nonetheless maintains a gorgeous balance and a connection to its youthful fruit despite the unfolding layers of oxidative complexity. 20.5% alcohol; bottled October 2022