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A frequently encountered cliché asserts that Palomino Fino, before fortification and aging, is a “neutral” variety of little interest; however, Palomino Fino can clearly evoke its seaside birthplace when planted in a good site, harvested at proper ripeness, and vinified naturally. The 2021 Palomino Fino “OVNI” comes from old vines planted in the white chalk (“albariza”) soils of the historical vineyard Miraflores la Baja in Sanlúcar de Barrameda. It was picked at 11.5% potential alcohol, fermented spontaneously, and aged in steel without any flor development for just a few months—with an early bottling to capture its freshness. Palomino Fino is a variety of naturally low acidity, but also of extremely low pH, so the impression on the palate is not one of flab but one of intense cling, with mouthcoating sapidity even at low alcohol levels.