Winegrowing on such an intimate scale is a rarity in Chianti. Beyond their unassailable philosophical and technical bona fides, Giovanna’s wines convey a generosity of spirit and sense of personality that confront the taster indelibly—an impression made all the more meaningful by how seldom one encounters such things in this particular region, voiced by these particular grape varieties. Much like Bordeaux, Chianti is a region we real-wine lovers know is great, yet which often underwhelms us; Le Boncie shows what it can be at its heartfelt artisanal best. We at Rosenthal Wine Merchant hold Giovanna’s wines in the highest regard—as some of the most special wines we import from all of Italy. 

A brief commentary on the vintages offered here:

2019: We are rather ecstatic about the wines in 2019, as the wines are fresh, with excellent ripeness, very good acidity and beautiful varietal purity, as well as impressive structure.  A vintage with both freshness and power.

2020:  A vintage with excellent ripe fruit and elegant aromatics as the intense summer sun helped concentrate and deepen flavors and potential alcohol levels.. Although the resulting wines are likely to be very good, this vintage will need a little time to reach a point of balance.

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