Most people think we started our career as importers working our way through the villages of the Cote d’Or in Burgundy. But, the truth is that we launched our little enterprise with two growers in Piedmont: Luigi Ferrando in Ivrea (for his inimitable Carema) and the Anfosso family in Barbaresco (De Forville di Anfosso). It was there in the hills of the Langhe and in the shadow of Mont Blanc that we became enamored with the majesty of the rich culture of Italian food, wine and hospitality. We developed a love of wines of restraint, discipline, complexity; wines marked as much by their acid component as by their level of sugar; wines that reflect decades, if not centuries, of local tradition; and, finally, wines that clearly portray their geological and climatic conditions. Italy offers a trove of wines that fit that description.  It is a country rich in tradition and proud of its history. 
$20.00 USD