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Aldo’s namesake wine blends 3 white varieties, each with varying durations of skin contact: 45% Catarratto (3 days), 45% Grillo (4 weeks) and 10% Grecanico (pressed immediately), bottled with a trace of sulfur after 18 months in stainless steel. The vines grow on Alcamo’s Timpi Rossi (“Red Hills”) in iron-rich sandy clay soils at altitudes up to 1,000 meters. “Biancoviola” displays its macerated nature delicately, in a textural rather than overtly tannic dimension. A nose of ripe apricots and small-petaled flowers leaps from the glass, and the wine enters the palate broadly and with ripe, tangy acidity. Flavors of green apples, anise and cinnamon stick slather the palate, finishing long and clean, with lingering salinity.