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“Breg” is a blend of Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon, with smaller proportions of Riesling Italico and Chardonnay. The varieties are fermented separately in buried amphorae, but they’re blended before their long stint in barrel, spending six years commingling and harmonizing. Compared to the cerebral Ribolla, “Breg” is more aromatically exuberant, more fruit-forward, and a bit more immediately approachable. One catches traces of the Sauvignon’s assertive citrus glean, hints of the Riesling’s regal poise and minerality, and one feels the breadth and generosity of the Pinot Grigio’s ample texture. All weave together into a delicious whole that is both explosively aromatic and deeply earthy, bright and ringing yet coiled and powerful.