$40.00 USD

Andrea Mosca’s Bramaterra comes from a sector of Brusnengo known as Mesola, a zone whose praises were sung back to the early 19th century. He works his four sites within fully manually, and the final wine blends 80% Nebbiolo with 10% Croatina, 5% Vespolina, and 5% Uva Rara, with an average vine age of 25 years. Vinified and raised in large neutral-oak casks, the staunchly traditional cellar regimen which allows this unique terroir to shine through with brilliance. Bramaterra’s hard, red volcanic porphyry yields a wine of penetrating minerality, sizzling acidity, and incredible, almost saline tension. It offers a remarkably pure nose of dusty strawberries and mountain herbs, an electrifying yet suave texture, and finely wrought, tight-grained tannins.