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The guiding idea behind this bottling is to spotlight Xarel-lo on its own in a finesse-enhancing terroir. To that end, Subtil is sourced from two Xarel-lo holdings from the Serral del Roure estate, situated at 240 meters altitude: (1) 2 hectares in the vineyard Can Rossell planted in 1989 in double-guyot, with easterly and westerly expositions; and (2) 1 hectare of bush vines in the Caelles vineyard planted in 2012 and exposed northeast and southwest. Soils here are loamy, and characterized by a relatively even balance of sand, silt, and clay, with clay-loam predominating on the lower parts of the slopes and abundant gravel and pebbles on the upper parts. These two sectors of soil together provide both ample drainage and adequate water retention, creating a wine that deftly balances precision and richness.